The World - True Balance and Connection

July 20, 2013

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ~TS Eliot

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Finally we reach the culmination of this heroic journey with card 21 –The World! In this last of the regularly scheduled podcast series, Julienne and Cyndera discuss beginnings, endings, rebirth, transformation and fulfillment. After all these trials and tribulations of the hero's journey, we now come to know true balance and connection to our destiny looking back across our past and forward into the future. We feel the benefit of the journey thus far and see that our evolution is not just for ourselves but for the good of others. From this stage onward, our sense of risk is different because we have a greater understanding of the richness of life and recognize both the strength and space to hold challenge and loss as well as joy in the days to come. Full show notes and references


Judgement - Redemption, Evolution and Our True Calling

June 18, 2013

With a trumpet blare and a scene depicting people rising from graves as shown in Judgement - card number 20 of the Tarot, Julienne and Cyndera discuss how the hero of our journey is called to leave the old behind – not just Death and those stages in between.

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This penultimate edition of the Archetypal Tarot Podcast sees Judgement as a stage of the rebirth process where one is asked to call the old selves back up and with it the old stories to release their particular hold on us and see them in a new light. Through the lessons and experiences of the journey we can now judge what best action should be taken and rise up to the challenges to embrace our life and answer the greater 'Calls' of our life beyond the egoic or the mundane. We see now our true calling is in every breath of our lives playing out in every moment.

Julienne regales us with how this story of redemption and evolution is played out poignantly in the 2012 epic film Cloud Atlas with the compelling stories of lives interwoven over 500 years.

Cyndera relays how the academy award winning documentary "Searching for Sugarman" captures the essence of a true calling held within the Judgement card. Throughout the podcast the ideas of redemption, evolution and levels of change effect how we see our true calling. Full show notes with links and references

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The Sun - At Play With The Child

May 19, 2013

Here Comes the Sun! After the dark debacle of the stage represented by the Moon card, the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana shares its rays of light on the Archetypal Tarot Podcast. Inside the protective walls of a golden kingdom, two children (or a child and horse in the Rider Waite) are happily at play. Like Romulus and Remus, suckled from the wolves of the last card, it is as if the birth of a new Rome has taken place as a long-awaited result of this Tarot journey's recent trials.

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Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush explore this stage of rebirth by delving into the child archetype in its many manifestations, including its shadow. Listen as Julienne and Cyndera share a synchronistic moment and find out how to have fun while even riding a city bus. In the Hollywood realm, Robin Williams as Puer (eternal youth), Tom Hanks in the film "Big" and Shirley Temple are discussed as examples of this stage. In the Sun card enjoy yourself in a land somewhere between the Teletubbies and the Secret Garden. Full show notes with links, images and videos.


The Moon, Madness and The Artist

April 25, 2013

After emerging from the water's edge of the lovely Star maiden, the Archetypal Tarot podcast heads to the eighteenth card of the Major Arcana - the Moon. Sounds romantic, doesn't it? But what's this - a barking dog, a howling wolf and a .... lobster climbing from the depths?!?!

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Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush have a WTF moment as they explore the depths of this surprising, surreal imagery incorporating the archetype of the Artist and the penchant for creative madness. Our hero of the Tarot Journey has reached her dark night of the soul and finds that she has spiraled back to the dark wisdom behind the High Priestess's veil. In relation to the "lunacy" encountered in the moon, Julienne presents to us the Artist archetype and its shadow. Cyndera shares some highly personal details and a passage from Carl Jung's Red Book. The following films, discussed in this edition, beautifully illustrate the Moon themes of madness, creativity and dreams: The Hours, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. COMPLETE SHOW NOTES


The Star - Finding True North

March 31, 2013

Archetypal Tarot celebrates its 20th podcast! With some much needed respite after the tumult of the falling tower, Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush cozy up in some Dutch slippers and delve into the nourishing waters of the 17th card of the Major Arcana- The Star. Full show notes with references can be found here.

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The Tower: Lightning Liberation

March 4, 2013

The Rider-Waite Tower card Is it the Tower of Destruction or the House of God? In card number sixteen of the Major Arcana, we are met with yet another image that often inspires fear and superstition.

This is the first podcast in which Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush are divorced from their own tower (the recording studio) and explore this card's symbolism from the telephone. With the sudden shock experienced in this stage of the fool's journey, will those tethered to their addictions be struck from their habits? Does hitting rock bottom ultimately free us?
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Cyndera explores how a client once completely dissembled her own psychic castle and Julienne reveals the qualities of the Liberator archetype. A closer look at current events and films such as the Hunger Games, Castaway and Groundhog Day also helps us all to "think outside the tower." Also, don't miss this podcast's first homework assignment to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild through the lens of the Archetypal Tarot Journey. We'll be discussing it in the next edition along with the 17th card of the major arcana: The Star.

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Dancing with the Devil and the Addict

January 25, 2013

As we enter the last row of our Tarot Journey (and a new year for the Archetypal Tarot Podcast), we are met with the formidable character of The Devil, the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana. Our hero, well on the path to rebirth, must first meet his own shadow and face addictions and attachments.

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Julienne and Cyndera also discuss the Pan-like characteristics of the Devil, who invites human beings to recognize their animal natures that  rebel when they are suppressed. As always, this podcast adds to your growing movie list with some subtle and interesting studies of the Devil archetype in film.

Full show notes with references


Temperance, The Angel of Our Better Nature

December 17, 2012


“What we strive for in perfection is not what turns us into the lit angel we desire.” ~David Whyte

With a little rest after the Death card the Archetypal Tarot Podcast explores the beginning of the rebirth cycle with Temperance - the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana. Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush discuss the Angel archetype and the healing and recovery that can take place internally and even below conscious awareness. At the end of our second row, the Realm of Equilibrium, we have a resolution to the ongoing theme of opposites. Here, two elements are blended to create "the third thing" that mediates and transforms opposing realities. Listen to the podcast for more on this next step of the journey. Click for complete show notes with all the references from the podcast.

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Cyndera mentions A Blue Fire by James Hillman specifically chapter 3. Julienne mentions this related article: Original Fairy Godmother


Death: Dwelling in the Darkness Before Rebirth

November 19, 2012

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” ~Joseph Campbell

Who knew that Death could be so funny? But here it is, card number 13 in the Major Arcana. Join Julienne and Cyndera as they look at the archetype of Death from a symbolic and psychological point of view with a dash of added humor. Learn why this inevitable stage for the Hero isn't the end but an important element to the rest of the journey.

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The Death card liberates all that has reached its end, and cuts away stagnation so that life can continue. Beyond the literal interpretation of this card, there is a rich array of deaths that visit in our daily lives: the end of jobs, relationships and also the visitations of depressions and other forms of "falling apart." What advantages are there to dismemberment and disintegration? How do Zombies and Batman play a role at exploring this the ultimate mystery of life - it's end. Or is it the end? You'll just have to get the podcast and find out.

PS: Listen to all the way to the end and you'll find the first ever archetypal tarot gag reel.

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Hang Time and the Martyr

October 21, 2012

What happened!?! Our hero is hanging upside down! In the thirteenth edition of the Archetypal Tarot Podcast Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quackenbush help to dispel the superstition that often surrounds cards such as The Hanged Man, card number twelve in the Major Arcana.

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After an exploration of the Hanged Man's symbolic imagery and the martyr archetype, this podcast illuminates an invitation to test the inner strength gained in the previous card and make valuable sacrifices during this period of "hang time" (yes, a sports reference made its way into the podcast). Also join the discussion of movies featuring the martyr archetype - you may just find a new perspective, or your world turned upside down! Episode notes can be found here on Julienne's site