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The Wandering Star Tarot with Cat Pierce

November 30, 2021
For our latest installment of star Tarot deck makers, we’re thrilled to share this interview with artist-extraordinaire Cat Pierce! Known for her successful contributions in psychedelic indie music, she has recently turned her artistic expressions towards her own version of the classic Tarot. The Wandering Star Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck acting like a compass for individual readers to use in their own inward journeys of reflection. Our interview explores the topics of intuition, creative process and the relationships between music and Tarot. We delve deep into the youthful, feminine and haloed figures that gaze out directly to each reader. The Mother Star and The Creator, additions to the traditional 78 cards of the Rider Waite, are discussed in detail along with the ethics of Yes/No Questions. There is also an undeniable presence of CATS. Get ready to play with Cat Pierce and Julienne and Cyndera in the latest Archetypal Tarot Podcast!
More about Cat Pierce: 
Cat Pierce is a singer, songwriter, visual artist, self-proclaimed psychonaut, and spiritual evolution enthusiast. Known primarily for her music, she is one half of the sister-band The Pierces, and has also had success as a solo artist. Her songs have been featured in movies and television shows such as Dexter, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, and more. Most notably, she penned and performed the theme song for the ABC hit show Pretty Little Liars. She has toured the world with Coldplay, Lissie, Adam Green, and Albert Hammond Jr., and performed with Emmylou Harris and Elton John. She has garnered two top ten albums in England, one of which reached Gold status. Her love of drawing, writing, and delving into the mystical inspired her to create her first tarot deck: The Wandering Star Tarot (available now).
Instagram: @iamcatdog
YouTube: thepierces
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