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Ancestral Tarot with Nancy Hendrickson

Ancestral Tarot with Nancy Hendrickson

May 24, 2021

Can you connect to your ancestors using the Tarot?  Answer:  YES

Julienne and Cyndera join together for a very special interview with Nancy Hendrickson, author of the recently released Ancestral Tarot (full bio below). Like a 3 of cups dancing, hosts and guests embark on a discussion of anchoring with the ancestors, and the growing interest this has in the collective at the moment. 

Nancy delves more deeply into the description of the different types of ancestors tarot readers can work with. Beyond ancestors of blood, each person can call on both Ancestors of Time and Place. Drawing the wisdom of daily life lived over centuries, guidance for specific questions and problems can be articulated through Tarot imagery. 

Julienne describes a mini reading she did for herself for her beginning ancestor work and Nancy provides further insight, including some perspectives on reversals. To further delight current topic interests, Nancy, Julienne and Cyndera further explore the connection between fairy tales and tarot, as well as the ancestors present in the larger natural world. This episode wraps up with the conclusion that ancestor work is not only popular at the moment, but is necessary for our continued survival on earth. Open your eyes, ears and heart for signs from the ancestors in this latest interview!

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of Ancestral Tarot, a book that takes readers into the realm of Ancestors of Blood, Place, and Time using Tarot. She has decades of experience in both genealogy and tarot. Nancy is a columnist for The Cartomancer Magazine, writing about Tarot decks from a cultural perspective. She is active on Instagram @nancysageshadow where she posts daily about Tarot and other forms of divination. You can learn more about Nancy and her work at

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Archetypal Fairytales

Archetypal Fairytales

April 20, 2021

This episode We delve into the world of archetypal fairytales inspired by Cyndera’s recent acquisition of volume one of Jungian scholar Marie Louise Von Franz’s Archetypal symbols in Fairytales: The Profane and Magical Worlds and Julienne mostly fails a Tarot quiz.  She's hoping for a chance to redeem myself but until then we hope you enjoy our banter about the power of archetypes and story. 

Show notes & Reference Links:

This Jungian Life podcast
Clarissa Pinkola-Estes
Jean Shinoda-Bolen
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Deja Vu - The Hierophant

Deja Vu - The Hierophant

February 12, 2021
It’s the year of the Hierophant - by calculation as well as last months guidance reading for 2021.  SO much Pope and a whole year to work with it. ;-) Both Cyndera and Julienne are in the process of moving, so this month we offer you a replay of our original episode on the Hierophant from 9 years ago! (January 2012)
We hope you enjoy this vintage episode and we’ll be back next month with a fresh one. 
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Focus Cards for 2021

Focus Cards for 2021

January 10, 2021
Aloha!  It’s time for our annual new year card draw.  Cyndera and I got together on Zoom the Morning of January 1st 2021 and drew three focus cards for the new year.  One major arcana card, one Hawaiian Mana card and this year we added one of Cyndera’s Story Through Stone Card.
Episode sponsored by:  Free Range Priestess unconventional rosaries & prayer beads on Etsy . Podcast listeners get $2 off their order by using the code MAHALO at check out.
Cards for 2021:
Our card from the Story Through Stone deck doesn't have a name but we've dubbed it "The Cave of Light"
From the Hawaiian Mana Cards:
Nalu (card 26)
Major Arcana Tarot Card:
The Hierophant
Rebellion Rosaries and Reclaiming the Goddess

Rebellion Rosaries and Reclaiming the Goddess

November 22, 2020
2020 has been full of surprises most of them frankly not so much fun and some devastating but a few have been beautiful.  This episode is a discussion about a deeply feminist practice hidden inside the patriarchy.  
Recommended Resources:
Free range rosaries & prayer beads by Julienne 
More beautiful and sacred beads: Aloha Rosa Leis by Geralyn
Recommended Reading/Listening: 
The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary
What happens when a former Zen Buddhist monk and his feminist wife experience an apparition of the Virgin Mary?
Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul
Via personal blessings and stories of visitations, miracles, and common events, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés helps us reconnect with the fierce and loving force of the Blessed Mother.
Kitchen Table Magic with Melissa Cynova

Kitchen Table Magic with Melissa Cynova

October 26, 2020

We are getting all kinds of Witchy this October episode - we’re excited to share this conversation with Tarot bad @ss Melissa Cynova.   🕯️ Melissa is an award winning author and tarot reader from St. Louis, MO. Her latest book, Kitchen Table Magic is out now. We talk magic, the archetype of the witch, grief, toxic positivity and pumpkin spice lattes - there is more to them than you realized.  True story!  As is the case when Melissa and I together swearing happens so you have been warned - there will be f* bombs a plenty. 

Follow Melissa on the socials for authentic, wise, big-hearted goodness.  

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Love Beauty And 9 Years Podcasting

Love Beauty And 9 Years Podcasting

September 2, 2020

Story Through Stone founder and teacher  Cyndera Quakenbush along with her co-host Julienne Givot, Archetypal Consultant and Free Range Priestess discuss the surprising fact that they have been publishing the podcast for 9 years, the Lovers card - internal wholeness - relationships - weddings - prayer - Julienne’s role as a Free Range Priestess and Cyndera’s deepening into her work with her Story Through Stone Cards.  

Big thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Melissa Cynova! Melissa is an award winning author and tarot reader from St. Louis, MO.  Her latest book, Kitchen Table Magic is out September 8th.  Check out her website and follow her on the socials for authentic, wise, big hearted goodness.  You can thank us later. 

Melissa on Insta

Melissa on FB

The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary

Check out Julienne’s Instagram exploration of beauty on

Cyndera’s Insta also has some beautiful imagery with her billion year old stones with naturally occurring imagery.

Cyndera on Your Tango:

NeoWise: Developing new wisdom amidst chaos

NeoWise: Developing new wisdom amidst chaos

July 30, 2020
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💫NASA discovered a new Comet, named Newowise in late March of this year and for the past couple of weeks it’s been passing by the earth.   What can this celestial event reflect for us here on earth in the midst of the chaos of multiple pandemics?  What can it teach us about developing a new wisdom that is equal to these challenges? 
Here is a pic of the Stone Card along with a re-created image of Haley's comet mentioned in the episode.
Cyndera’s article on Neowise
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Survival Archetypes Part 2

Survival Archetypes Part 2

July 2, 2020
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The core survival archetypes are:  The Child, The Victim, The Saboteur and The Prostitute. 
Part 1 covered The Child & The Victim  and in this episode we cover The Saboteur and The Prostitute.  
For a cinematic deep dive into all of the survival archetypes using the film The Way, check out this downloadable course from Julienne’s mentor, Jim Curtan. The Way: A Journey of Healing & Self Acceptance  Use the promo code: rona  for 20% off purchase.
The world seems to be turned upside down, and many of us long for a simple answer to complicated problems.  This two part series discusses 4 archetypes universal to everyone that form the core patterns of survival. 
Each of these patterns can give us a place to stand amidst the chaos.  If we are open to observing what archetypal patterns are emerging for us we can better navigate our lives and interact positively for ourselves and our community. 
First off, what is an archetype? 
Archetypes are universal patterns of talents, motivations and behaviors.
They contain a dialogue of how and why we use our energy the way we do.
Archetypal patterns are a way to learn about the truth and possibilities of our lives.
Every character archetype has an empowered or light side as well as a disempowered or shadow side. 
Archetypes are both universal and personal.   More at Julienne’s website:
The Saboteur
Corollary or attendant archetypes:  Magician, Alchemist
The Head
Mind & Thought
Choice, Truth, Self-Esteem
Element:  Air
The Saboteur is often the Inner Critic with a running dialogue that picks things to pieces (hence the sabotaging…).  It’s the part of us that has a tendency to be logical (empowered) and over-thinking (disempowered). The Alchemist/Magician represents an ability to identify and understand the illusions that the Saboteur concocts and seeing the possibilities in situations.  The ancient Alchemists where focused on changing lead to gold and the symbolic Alchemist can see the gold in the leaden situations.
In film/tv:  Miranda - Sex & the City,  Hermione - Harry Potter 
The Prostitute
Corollary or attendant archetype:  Lover 
The Heart
Emotions, Faith, Negotiation, Integrity, Self-Worth
Lover / Prostitute
Element:  Water
In film/tv:  Charlotte from Sex in the City, Hagrid from Harry Potter 
The Prostitute archetype engages lessons in integrity and the sale or negotiation of one’s integrity or spirit due to fears of physical and financial survival or for financial gain. This archetype activates the aspects of the unconscious that are related to seduction and control, whereby you are as capable of buying a controlling interest in another person as you are in selling your own power. Prostitution should also be understood as the selling of your talents, ideas, and any other expression of the self–or the selling-out of them. This archetype is universal and its core learning relates to the need to birth and refine self-esteem and self-respect. The disempowered version of the Prostitute is the People Pleaser, the empowered, the Lover who gives from their excess.  
R.A.I.N.  process to working with archetypes adapted from work created by Tara Brach.  Acknowledge each of these stages in a journal or other creative outlet.  
Recognize - the archetype
Accept with Compassion - accept it’s message for you with compassion 
Investigate - where and why this pattern comes up 
Navigate  - to the next right action OR / Non-attachment - dis-engage from it 


June 3, 2020

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin

This week, we are participating in #PodcastBlackout to amplify the seriousness of the need for action to address racism and police violence. 
We, along with many, many others feel grief and outrage over the death of George Floyd, yet another black life taken at the hands of a police officer. The image of a uniformed white man with his knee on the neck of George Floyd pinned the ground is a chilling symbol of white supremacy in our country and the way that many of our brothers and sisters feel every day of their lives in big ways and small.
George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others have lost their lives in the pandemic that has been going on since long before Coronavirus.  The pandemic of racism, racial inequality, racial violence and white supremacy. 
Placing our attention on so much pain and rage is f*ing hard yet required because so far as we can tell,  the vaccine for this pandemic can be found in connection, compassion, prayer and consistent action taken to heal the chasms of willful ignorance, hatred, fear and brokenness of our world. 

Here are some ideas that we have gathered if you are wondering how you can participate in healing the long standing injustices facing our world:

❤️ Connect with community. Listen.

❤️ Connect to nature. Listen.

❤️ Make sure you are registered to vote and VOTE. Local elections are important!

❤️ Connect with, listen, support, follow and donate to organizations working for justice.  Here are some:

For white folks specifically:

It's incumbent upon white people to humbly listen to and bear witness to the experiences of communities of color. What affects one, affects us all. It's not enough to not be racist ourselves but to actively practice anti-racism. If a social media post or a donation could fix this, it would be done already. As with all evolutionary process, it will take inner and outer work. And it will get uncomfortable. Failing and missing the mark is part of the process so don't let that stop you.  In the words of Samuel Beckett "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

❤️ LISTEN and learn from the organizations above and people of color sharing their stories. Be open to what is uncomfortable. There are plenty of stories to learn from and many different perspectives.  Below are some podcasts worth checking out - there are many more:

United States of Anxiety - from WNYC

Hear to Slay with Roxanne Gay & Tressie McMillam Cottom - from Luminary Media

White Lies - NPR

What Matters - Black Lives Matter

❤️ Do the heart work of examining your own shadows and complicity in a white culture's dominance. Shadow in this context means you are not aware or conscious of something - this is not a cudgel to beat yourself up, but an exploration with compassion as to where you can heal so as to help stop the cycle. Seek guidance of a qualified counselor if needed.  

❤️ Explore some of the anti-rascism resources available.  Here are a couple:

How to be an Antiracist by Ibrahim X. Kendi  (Start a book club perhaps?)

❤️ All of the above will guide you to your next right actions. 


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