The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

10 Years of Archetypal Tarot!

August 31, 2021
Today marks our 10 year anniversary of podcasting! From the Fool to the World and back, Story Through Stone founder and teacher Cyndera Quakenbush and Archetypal Consultant, Julienne Givot have been dishing out thoughts, ideas, interviews and wise cracks about the Tarot, archetypes and provocative mythology for the 21st century for a decade.  This episode is a rare opportunity for the two to be together in person discussing the past, present and the future.  
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Podcast guests over the years:  Melissa Cynova, Gregg Levoy, Rashunda Tramble, Nancy Hendrickson, Ke’oni Hanalei, Richard Cox & Nicole Schnackenberg, Theresa Cheung, Barb Kurkas Lee, Ste McCabe, Shawn Nygaard, Weston of Root Lock Tarot, Tim Freke, Angelo Nasios, Jim Curtan, Lupa Greenwolf, Craig Chalquist

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