The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

Gifts of the Oyster: Stories and Synchronicities

August 31, 2019

How might we liberate our card readings to reveal not only personal insights but also deepen our dialogue with the Earth itself? This question began with a reading for a young woman in Spain, asking if she should leave for London to study acting. The story that resulted, "The Gift of the Oyster" revealed a surprising chain of synchronicities that lead Archetypal Podcast host, Cyndera Quackenbush, to connect more deeply with the surrounding environment and its shelled companions. 

Do you have a grit of sand you would like to explore as a possible pearl in a Story Through Stone Reading? We are still accepting questions and readings to be featured on the Podcast, which you can submit by becoming a Patron and e-mailing Make your tiny, or not so tiny pledge at and warmest thanks to our current patrons!

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