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Prairie Majesty Wisdom with Kara Simons

September 3, 2022

In this interview with oracle deck creator Kara Simons, Cyndera and Kara explore the bounty of wisdom from the prairie plains through its animals, flora and elemental beings. At the heart of this beautiful and boldly illustrated deck is the revelation of self sovereignty, and the invitation therein to reclaim a direct connection with nature. Kara breaks down the channeled wisdom of these cards and the structure that organically emerged during the cards' creation. Stories of synchronicity and deep learning abound, including how the connection with artist Amy Putney Koenig was sparked. Carefully crafted questions emerge from each card that will clarify your inquiries and stir up transformative intuition. Any and all are welcome to the wildness of the prairie to open to its expansive wisdom! 

Find out more anout Kara, her decks and connect with her on her website 

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