The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

Storytellers & Tricksters with Priscilla Howe

March 31, 2022

The Archetypal Tarot Podcast celebrates the arrival of Spring with a special guest, storyteller Priscilla Howe. She is the author of the recently released sampler of Bulgarian Folktales called Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly. With so much happening in the world, with an eye particularly on Eastern Europe, Priscilla and Cyndera find hope, laughter and wisdom within the trickster archetype, embodied by "Clever Peter" and also the old woman archetype "Baba Marta." Priscilla tells two tales from her book and Cyndera follows suit with a made-up Bulgarian-inspired story of her own. This podcast is full of heart as it unveils aspects of the trickster that can be kind as well as sly.

About author Priscilla Howe: Storyteller Priscilla Howe has traveled the world with a bagful of puppets and a headful of stories since 1993. Her favorite story is the one she's telling at any given moment, and her favorite audience is the one right in front of her. She is a native New Englander who lives in Lawrence, Kansas with a cat named Pippin. Priscilla's new book, Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly: A Bulgarian Folktale Sampler just came out, thanks to Parkhurst Brothers Publishers.  Find out more about and connect with Priscilla through her website  .


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