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The Tarot of Curious Creatures with Chris-Anne

January 31, 2022
We are over-the-moon excited to share our conversation with deck creator, artist and magic maker Chris-Anne.  You might know her from her wildly cool The Lightseer’s Tarot. In this episode we discuss her brand new deck: The Tarot of Curious Creatures.  With their illuminating conversations and grounded wisdom, the curious and quirky characters in this 78 (+1) deck are a strangely familiar twist on the traditional tarot. And we think you’re gonna love it. 
The Tarot of Curious Creatures is available November 2nd and can be ordered from her website and the usual places you get your decks. 
More about Chris-Anne: 
Chris-Anne is a deck creator, artist, and magic-maker, as well as a marketing strategist and owner of Pixelbrand: a branding and graphic design company. She offers unique courses for creators that combine marketing and branding with manifestation and intuition. She successfully Kickstarted three independent card decks: The Sacred Creators Oracle, The Light Seer's Tarot, and The Muse Tarot-all now available through Hay House. Her latest card deck, The Tarot for Curious Creatures releases this fall. 
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